BIM - Building Information Modelling

If you work in construction, for construction or with construction you cannot help but have heard about BIM. But what exactly is BIM and what does it mean to your business and your customers?


In a nutshell BIM is about improving the positive impact of our asset throughout the lifecycle in economic, environmental and social terms.

It is about reducing costs, cutting waste and improving quality and efficiency in every aspect of an asset’s lifecycle.

COMIT are keen to see BIM deliver on its potential and are actively involved in its promotion and development. COMIT's Director, Iain Miskimmin, is a BIM advocate and part of the government's BIM Task Group.

If you want some BIM advice, it won't cost you a thing. just get in touch.


As part of the UK governments construction strategy, BIM has been mandated for use on all government procured construction projects after 2016. However, it has been taken up by many of the private owners, through the benefits they can see.

If you are new to BIM then the BIM Basics section will help you get up to speed.


If you are a small contractor, then you might like to get involved with our BIM on a budget initiative. This is currently at an early stage and we are looking for people interested in getting involved

Do you work in construction? If so, then please complete this BIM Survey.

It will only take a few minutes & will help inform the BIM debate.


Asset Breakdown Structure

Asset Tagging Strategy

Asset Information Requirements

Employer's Information Requirements

Why spend money on BIM?

A COMIT initiative to help BIM reach smaller contractors

An introduction to BIM and links to useful resources

What is COBie and why is it important to BIM?

What has BIM got to do with economics?

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