How we are run

The Board

The COMIT community is run for the benefit of its members by COMIT Projects Ltd which has three directors. The company is currently run on a not-for-profit basis (no dividends are paid to shareholders) but its articles of association do not preclude this - i.e. it is a standard UK company limited by shares and not a registered charity or not-for-profic company.

None of the board members work full-time for COMIT and only Gerry is paid for her role as company and community secretary and Financial Director. Iain works for Bentley Systems and generously gives his time to COMIT for free. Neill also gives his time for free but work commitments mean his involvement with COMIT is now very limited

Gerry Samuelsson-Brown

Financial Director

Iain Miskimmin


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Neill Pawsey


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Project Leads

It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to keep COMIT running and additional input is provided by the four project leads, all of whom do work for COMIT on a part-time basis. Without them many of the events and projects just would not happen.

Sarah Fox

Head of Digital Contracts

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Jason Scott

Professional Services Director

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Tony Shooter

Chair for Drone Technology

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Stuart  Young

Consultancy Director

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Community Representation & Dissemination

It is important for COMIT to act in the best interest of its members, so the COMIT Community has a Chair for Construction and a Chair for Technology. Both posts are filled by volunteers from COMIT member organisations and part of their role is to help ensure that the community continues to deliver value to its members. 

Dissemination is also vitally important and we are lucky to have help with this from construction technology specialist Paul Wilkinson. 

Steve Slater,

Chair for Construction


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Max Mallia-Parfitt,

Chair for Technology


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Paul Wilkinson


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