Impact – Q1: What is the situation and how will Information affect operational requirements?

Question 1 is initiated when an incident happens. The most important issue (other than health and safety) is to know whether this incident will affect the client’s business outcomes. When that ‘thing’ happens, it will either be notified to you by human or digital means. Both have their reliability issues and confirmation of the specific issue, which may actually be a knock on from another asset or even another owner’s asset!

Understanding the impact on various outcomes, how long until the full impact is felt and how long it might last are important questions that the business management team will want to know, and know fast, so they can start to plan and allocate funding to do something about it. There is also a requirement to understand your impact on other organisations business as they may undertake legal action to recoup their losses.

The Digital Construction Expectations (DCE) document is a live document that is built specifically for the client to bring together all the various parts of the information expected and required from the delivery partners and supply chain. This document always exists, whereas the Exchange Information Requirements document is an extract of it, combined with the Project Information Requirements to meet the specific project’s needs.  This ensures whilst the EIR is generated for each project, the baseline is always consistent.