Resourcing – Q5: What resources do I need to accomplish each requirement?

It is always the lament of a project manager that they don’t have enough staff to deliver the project. This is even more keenly felt in the Information Management team, as the historic culture hints that this is the first department to be cut whenever the pressure is on! The Information Management team will have to justify the resources required to support the delivery of this project, so make sure that the project manager understands the risks and consequences if this isn’t properly resourced.

To get a good feel for this resourcing, the IM needs to look at what is mandatory, what is essential and finally what is desirable. This must include backup and emergency planning just in case there is an absence that cannot be covered by the proposed team.

The human resources that you mobilise for the project need to be identified by the roles they need to play; the BS 1192 and ISO 19650 suite of documents can assist here. Once a list of roles has been created, do the same with responsibilities/ tasks that need to be covered in the creation of the Digital Twin.  To be able to carry out these responsibilities the person fulfilling that role will need to be given authority to do so as well as possess a set of skills, qualifications and certifications.


This will of course lead to a gap analysis of what education might be needed and also to the creation of some form of awareness package to help them on-board. (which can also be rolled out to the delivery partners once they are appointed)

Inevitably there will be a whole platform of technologies that will be required and once configured correctly, they will need to be introduced and coached through with all the project participants. Early engagement of the supply chain and asking them to carry out a maturity assessment on the actual proposed delivery team (rather than the company as a whole) is essential.

Finally, back brief the results of this exercise and maturity assessments to the Project Manager.