Scoping – Q0: Baseline preparation and understanding of existing portfolio.

Before we even consider responding to a bid there must be a certain amount of information provided by the Capable Client to help the delivery partner to understand what the implications are of delivering the digital asset.


Documents supplied by the client really need to include an Exchange Information Requirements, and an Asset Information Requirements package, that will clearly define what the scope of the digital asset deliverable will be.


This should be analysed using perhaps a 3-column deduction “so what” method and then this ought to be presented to the Project Manager by the Information Management team, so that they understand the implications, constraints, risks and can follow any planning guidance whilst looking at the bid.

This process should culminate in a basic pre- BIM Execution Plan that is based on past case studies, a planning timeline so that the PM can understand the time it may take to deliver the digital asset and some specific BIM contract clauses that can help with the drafting of any legal framework.

Q0 DP.jpg