Delivery – Q6: When and where do the Information Deliverables occur in relation to each other? 

We have so far defined what needs to be delivered and by whom. Now we need to ensure its understood, when each of those information packages needs to be delivered and where they need to be delivered to.

To do this, the Information management team need to map out the key milestone for each package, making sure they are clearly defined, and the interdependencies are complete. This timeline should also include when that information is collected, verified, authorised, shared and then published, making sure that its purpose is made clear, using the BS 1192-2007 or ISO 19650 coding.

It is also important to state where this Information will be placed and who needs to be notified of its state of readiness.

This will allow the Information Manager to complete the deliverables timeline in detail and deliver a finalised BIM Protocol to the legal team

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