7 Questions for Capable Clients

Collecting good information, monitoring their function and performance, whether it is from humans to sensors on our existing portfolio of assets is essential to know whether we need to augment, build new, fix or just leave alone.

Once a capable client has decided to initiate the procurement process there is a whole myriad of things they need to take into consideration before handing over clear and concise instructions to their delivery partners. These instructions come in the form of Specific and General works information documents, an Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) document and the legally binding contract between all parties.

The big problem comes when these are developed by different parts of the organisation and are only understandable by those subject matter experts. They will often be stuffed with acronyms, long winded standards and contradicting statements. These documents which, are fundamental to a project leaves the client open to massive change control. This means, in the long run, the lowest price isn’t always the lowest price. Not understanding these documents causes delays, disruption to the supply-chain and the inevitable increase in the final price.

Briefings and meetings

One thing I have learned from my experience in the industry is to set expectations as early as possible and keep everybody informed about what is going on especially when it comes to critical decisions and paths. Don’t overdo it, as no one likes to have their time wasted, but a clear, well timed and succinct briefing with an opportunity to ask questions is well worth it. This is why the 7 Questions methodology has these programmed in.