BIM  and Digital Twin Videos

COMIT have created a number of BIM videos which appear througout the BIM pages of this website. For convenience they are also listed here:

Putting Business Front and Centre in BIM

This session will focus on the making BIM a business benefit, giving you the knowledge, methods and processes to enable your organisation to see how Information Management can affect your project and organisation.

Hear where the UK is on their digital journey, what makes a digital twin and how a national digital twin works. Understand the issues surrounding clients, contracts, procurement, finances and contradictory documents.

Learn how to extract Outcome statements from Project or Business strategies, set Critical Success Factors and plain language questions, so that you can write Project and Organisation information requirements (PIR and OIRs) and deliver both progressive assurance and completion guarantees back to shareholders and executives.


This is an opportunity to add serious business value to your organisation and projects through information management and modelling.