COVID 19 and the current global crisis has impacted the Construction, Operations and Maintenance industries in a significant way. Keeping our operatives safe, our critical infrastructure running and our organisations solvent have been serious challenges for us all.

Many of you will be used to working remotely, utilising technologies that COMIT and their members have championed for years. You will have found that instead of slowing down, your productivity and hours have increased whilst those of your less "mobile" colleagues are struggling to come to terms with how it all works!

Have no doubt, our industry is about to change, dramatically change. How this will pan out is currently anyone's guess, but until things become a little clearer the COMIT team decided to lighten the load and invite you all to the virtual COMIT pub and the Happy Hour.

A chance to grab an end of week beer, relax and listen to a few people talking about what they know best!

Excellent Advice on Home Working

The webinar shown on 24th April was in-part delivered by one of the members -Visilean.

During the webinar they  made the following statement to help in the current pandemic:

Visilean is offering their software and services completely free for 3 months to help construction companies go completely digital and to help reduce delays and costs on their projects.  In addition, they are also releasing a safety distancing feature to allow free flow onsite,  helping with distancing and preventing any concerns or risks of claims.

Please contact James Ellis directly -