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The Digital Contracts Sub-Group

We are seeking to establish a sub-group within COMIT to explore how one of the last pieces of the digital construction jigsaw, i.e. contracts, can work better for the supply network. The group is being run by contract lawyer Sarah Fox.


Currently the industry is awash with complex adversarial paper-based contracts which drive neither innovation nor collaboration. We are looking for COMIT members who have evidence, ideas, tools or other skills, knowledge and experience that might help us meet our objectives.


Whatever your role, if you are frustrated by current contracts then please help us to create new solutions. Our objectives are to work together collaboratively across the supply network to:

  • Better understand how paper-based contracts affect the supply network

  • Explore current examples of electronic and digital contract systems

  • Review how digital contracts can link and collaborate with BIM data

  • Develop simple and effective tools for creating, negotiating, signing and using digital contracts

Blockchain for Construction

by Sarah Fox


Sarah Fox

Head of Digital Contracts

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Going Digital with Construction Contracts

Legal Design Sprint
September 26, 2019 - London

Can you help us to define the future of digital contracts by joining our legal design sprint at Bentley's offices in London?


At our inaugural meeting and the first event of its kind in the UK, we will be looking at the redesign, improvement and digitalization of construction contracts. The event will be hosted by Sarah Fox and facilitated by Tessa Manuello, founder of Legal Creatives.

Attendance at this ground-breaking event is by invitation only, but if you think you can help us then please contact us for an invitation. You can email Sarah directly (details in the flyer) or use the form below. In either case, please tell us about your organisation and why you want to be part of this exciting project.

You do not have to be a COMIT member to attend and we are interested to hear from anybody who can help us in this process. Awareness or prior use of construction contracts of any size or shape is preferable, but not essential. We are not going to delve into detail or drafting at this event.

Places are strictly limited, so do not delay in registering your interest!

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For more information or to get involved, please contact us:

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