The COMIT Drone Community

A great idea that grew from a project


COMIT2Drones is a successful and vibrant subgroup of the COMIT Community which runs its own events and has its own membership program. It is headed up by Tony Shooter and grew from a drone focused project that COMIT ran in 2016.

The original aim of the project was to investigate the fully autonomous use of drones for site surveillance and progress monitoring using photogrammetry. COMIT members Costain and Crossrail tested the concept at the Crossrail Plumstead Depot with test flights being carried out by Future Aerial.


Although the project had some great early results (see the fly through below), it soon became clear that a major barrier to the use of drones in construction is the lack of appropriate legislation, insurance and an understanding of best practice.


The COMIT Drone Community was created to address these issues and currently has 32 company members and 3 academic partners.  See the Drone Community page for details.


Tony Shooter

Drone Technology Lead

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