Site Connectivity - Rapid Site Setup

Reliable network connectivity on the construction site no matter how remote is a necessity. The well connected construction site will have the required information at the right time to make the right decisions. It is hard to believe that in 2017 we are still struggling to get sites up and running due to the lack of connectivity. There is an ever increasing demand for network bandwidth on the constructions site and with new requirements from BIM and other mobile applications, solutions are needed that don’t slow down when downloading the latest drawings or models.


This project revisits rapid site set-up and site connectivity requirements for the end to end construction project life cycle. We are not only exploring technical hardware solutions, but also how we can obtain the most from the available bandwidth. We are also looking at how we improve efficiencies in managing connectivity solution deployment and supply chain.

This project will be using a back to basics approach to understand the current challenges on site at the different construction stages and how they can be addressed through practical solutions. Additionally we will be looking at improving awareness within the site teams of the connectivity limitations and how they use the on-site IT systems to get the most from the connected network.


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