Community Members

The COMIT community is made up of subscribing members and a number of academic or industry partners. Our members usually come from the construction and technology industries and our partners are mainly industry associations and universities.

While UK focused, we also have links elsewhere in Europe and with the USA and Australia. Membership is via an annual subscription and is usually on a per-company basis, however individual membership is also possible in some circumstances. Partnering arrangements revolve around co-operation, mutual aims and shared resources. If you are interested in becoming a member or a partner of COMIT then please contact us.

Client Members
Supply-chain, Specialist & Research Members
Interested in membership?


Membership is by annual subscription & is usually on a per-company basis.


If you are in the construction sector and think COMIT membership may be of benefit then why not contact us, or one of our members & get invited to a community day for free as a guest?


All it will cost is your time.

Want to know why you should join?


Here are some suggestions:

10 reasons construction companies join COMIT

10 reasons technology companies join COMIT

Contractor Members
Technology Members

Our technology members are usually companies that already deal primarily with construction. However, some are more general providers who are either looking to build upon their presence in this sector or to develop it as a new market for their products. All are welcome.

Drone Community Core Members

The Drone Community is a special-interest sub-group of COMIT that has its own subscription-based membership made up of Core Members and Associate Members (please see the Drone Community page). Many drone community members are also COMIT members, but this is not a requirement. For more about the Drone Community see here.

Drone Community Associate Members
Partner Organisations

COMIT regularly teams up with other organisations that have similar aspirations or goals. We share resouces, organise joint events or simply exchange information. Academic institutions often provide venues for events and send representatives to our community days. They may also get involved in some projects. Other partners were full members in their own right for a specific project and then became partners after the project finished.

Media Partners

Getting the message out is a very important part of COMIT's mission and we are lucky to have a number of first-class media partners to help us do that. 

COMIT Fellows

In recognition of their outstanding contribution the following people have been made Fellows of COMIT

John Findlay was involved with COMIT from the beginning. He freely lent his experience & expertise to help COMIT establish itself as an influential community.


John was made a fellow of COMIT in 2009 after he left Balfour Beatty to start his own business.

Sarah Bowden was COMIT's founder. She secured funding from the DTI to start the COMIT project in 2003 while an Engineering Doctorate student at Loughborough University.


Sarah laid the groundwork for the COMIT Community & was made a fellow in 2011.

Phil Jackson is a long-term member of COMIT & has an unrivalled reputation for being a construction industry expert.


Phil has chaired or co-chaired several COMIT conferences & was made a fellow in 2015.

Alf Spencer has represented Clugston at COMIT for many years, always with a smile & quietly spoken sound advice.

Alf was made a COMIT fellow in 2018 following his retirement.

COMIT Fellows have free lifetime personal membership & enjoy all the benefits that entails.