The State of Construction e-Business in the UK

This report from Construct I.T. gives a fascinating insight into the current state of construction e-business in the UK.

Reproduced here, with the kind permission of Construct I.T. and the authors (Dr Robert Eadie, University of Ulster and Professor Srinath Perera, Northumbria University) it is based on a survey of 513 construction organisations.

Of those, only 55 responded in detail but the results are very interesting and the report draws a number of conclusions. Among the points that jump out at me are:

  • The Positive effect of BIM on e-Business

  • A lack of IT investment & IT knowledge on choosing the right products

  • Problems with staff e-skills training

  • Concerns about cyber-security

Altogether a very interesting read and thoroughly recommended.

#technology #reports

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