Rocket Man

Dr Ravi Margasahayam gave an outstanding lecture at Oxford Brookes University on 18 September. He led us from his humble journey as a young lad in India to becoming a most prestigious engineer and leading scientist at NASA.

He is known as the leading expert on rocket-induced noise and vibration technology and has been at the forefront of helping over 700 astronauts into space. He has been involved in pivotal space exploration, using his expertise to ensure greater safety and less vibration on many Space Shuttles - such as Discovery when it launched the Hubble Telescope.

Ravi stresses that he now is free to lecture worldwide sharing his knowledge with the aim of inspiring and encouraging the younger generation to achieve their dreams and overcome what might at first appear impossible. In all walks of life, we often are afraid to take that leap of faith, like an eagle taking its first flight from the cliff top.

Ravi inspires us to take that PUSH or maybe to help another person who needs a PUSH. His enthusiasm is infectious and yet having achieved so much for so many, he is the most humble man imaginable. He admits he has been fortunate but stresses: “I’m an ordinary person in an extraordinary space”.

Sometimes, we have to change direction or we reach a fork in our road and need to make a decision but Dr Margasahayam encourages us to believe in ourselves and to do something in our lives (our legacy) for the greater good of mankind.

That might mean associating with smarter people to learn from others and reach a more intellectual level of being. To get to that place we also need to Change, Think, Believe, Dream and Dare …..

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