COMIT at Bentley in London

March 13, 2018

Our Spring Community Day was held on March 8th at Bentley System's office in London where we filled Floor 9 to capacity with 97 delegates. After all, where else can you learn about robotics, AI, BIM, drones, RFID, laser scanners and virtual reality AND be challenged by the British Army to solve rapid site setup issues in war zones? It was a full day!


New Members & Guests

We were very happy to welcome 5 new members to COMIT who have all joined since the last Community Day in December 2017. They were:


We also had a total of 16 guests from Amey, Aphex, Arcadis, Bridgeway, CADVenture, CGI UK, Correvate, Delaware, NG Bailey, Skanska, Technics Group, Track Access, Pennant, University of Greenwich and 500 Words.


New COMIT Fellow

One of the first actions of the day was to bestow a COMIT Fellowship on Alf Spencer of Clugston. Alf has been a long-term member and supporter of COMIT and is shortly due to retire. The fellowship is in recognition of his contribution over the years and he is one of only four COMIT Fellows. The award entitles him to permanent personal membership so hopefully we will see him again at future events. 



Thoughts from the Chairman

Steve Slater and Tony Shooter, COMIT chairs for Construction and Technology respectively, shared their thoughts on current events. Steve spoke about the evolution of the construction industry in respect to its use of technology and Tony gave an update on the launch of the Drone Community, which is a new special-interest group within COMIT.



As usual we had some great presentations from a wide range of contributors:


BIM 4 Facilities Management

David Stevens from CIBSE

The CIBSE is a professional engineering institution that sets standards on building services engineering. This includes publishing guidance and codes which are internationally recognised. Steven is the Vice Chair and Secretary of the CIBSE Facilities Management Group.


Steven talked about the benefits to FM from BIM as well as the many practical hurdles and issues. A recent survey indicated that only 45% of FM's saw BIM as a significant trend, so there are still challenges in creating a living information model that can successfully extend to the FM end of the construction life-cycle and create a new way of working. 


The Impact of AI on BIM (and Construction)

Dr Maxwell Mallia-Parfit from Fulcro

A familiar face at COMIT events Max gave us a whistle-top-tour of the ways in which AI is already being used in construction. It is becoming particularly essential when working with the huge data-sets involved in BIM models and the output from technologies such as laser-scanning and imaging techniques.


Max gave examples of AI already in common use, such as satnav systems and how it is increasingly being used in agriculture alongside an acceleration in the use of robotics. Many of these developments will naturally make their way into construction. It is already being used for Computational Design for BIM and there is a growing interest in site-based robotics.


Reality Modelling into Operational Training

Dave Reed & John Bryant from Tack Access & Pennant

Dave and his colleague John Bryant from Pennant gave a fascinating presentation on how gaming technology is being used to create realist virtual environments to aid training. It began in 2002 with the production of Cab Ride videos that has developed into a system that combines real video with survey and model data. The result are tools that can be used to review survey data, inform design decisions and provide photo-realistic driver training simulations.


John Bryant described how Pennant uses the data from Track Access and how they provide the realistic simulation and training elements. This included a description of an immersive parachute training aid which can simulate parachute descent in either free-fall or static line - as well as other examples from the rail industry and London Underground.


The Hyper-Connected World - Wearables

John Tuner & Joe Campbell from SAP & Delaware