COMIT with O2 at the Arena

Our autumn Community Day was hosted by O2 in the Blueroom at the fantastic O2 Arena. The venue, facilities, support and hospitality were all first class so many thanks to the O2 team.

The event opened with a welcome address from Mark Evans, CEO of O2. It was followed by Iain Miskimmin who introduced the new COMIT members (BT and East West Railway Company) and guests and gave an update on the Digital Contracts project (on behalf of Sarah Fox who is running it) before outlining some proposed changes to the way COMIT will organise future events.

[Note: Mark Evans, CEO of O2 has written a blog about the day, which you can read here]

Iain also reminded members that COMIT has partnership arrangements with a number of influential organisations that provide reciprocal benefits. This includes, for example, the Nuclear Institute and their Digital Special Interest Group - to which COMIT members have free access.

Our first presentation of the day was by Owen Hawkings From Earth-i. Owen talked about the benefits of combining multiple sources of video - satellite, drone and terrestrial - for monitoring ground-based assets. He provided some interesting insights into the comparative costs and benefits of the various techniques.

Following on from Owen, James Ellis from Visilean showed how effective collaborative planning can help reduce project costs. James presented a case study of their work with Mace on a large data centre project (290 acres) which involved both Lean and BIM integration.

This approach delivered some impressive benefits, such as a 60% reduction in defects, a 43% improvement in program efficiency and a 45% reduction in labour costs. James predicted that a similar approach on major projects could lead to up to a 20% reduction in total project cost.

After coffee and networking Andrew Lambert from Electronic Media Services Ltd explained how the emergence of 5G could radically improve network coverage in areas that have been traditionally hard to reach. He was followed by Andy Hold from Azurelope who presented a cost saving model for asset management using Industry 4.0.

Anyone flagging after a great lunch was quickly woken up again by the O2 showcase which was hosted by Matt Daly and Jeremy Sherwin. The showcase involved an interactive workshop that was both fun and illuminating.

After the showcase we had a quick trip back through time with David Foulkes, resplendent in his WWII military attire, giving us an insight into the engineering challenges of Project Redsand. This is a project to preserve and restore the old defensive structures known as Redsands Fort (Maunsell Forts) which were build in the Thames estuary..

The day was then rounded of by our usual 10 minutes soap-box sessions. I explained why I wanted to see a "facebook" of things and briefly described a platform I'm working on to help facilitate it.

Stuart Young showed a number of productivity improvement initiatives that together have the potential for making a very significant difference to the construction industry.

Tony Shooter gave an update on the COMIT2Drones sub-group which is continuing to flourish and will soon have it's own website.

Finally, Steve Slater gave an update on how Virtual Reality (VR) is being adopted by the Wates Group and the kind of business benefits that flow from it.

Altogether it was a fun and interesting day, packed with valuable insights and information. Many thanks again to all of our presenters and to O2 for being such fantastic hosts. Presentations and more photographs from the day can be found on the Community Day Page our main website.

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