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Put simply COMIT's mission is to improve understanding between the construction and technology industries and speed up the adoption of mobile IT in the construction sector.


That can be as simple as putting the people who deal with construction problems for a living in the same room as the people who develop solutions - which is what the Community Days are all about.


However, construction is a huge industry, better characterised as a number of related industries and it has some unique aspects compared to other sectors. It can be difficult for technology companies to find the right niche for their solutions and it can be difficult for construction companies to be confident of the value of a solution before they deploy it. 


Construction has a rich history of innovation but it has often experienced failures in the application of ICT - for reasons which are many and complex. Currently it is failing to benefit from the trend toward mobile technology as much as some other industries and COMIT is working to change that.


This is where demonstration projects and case studies come in. COMIT documents and publishes real examples of technological solutions being applied to construction. These are presented "warts and all" and include the costs and issues as well as benefits.


This helps other construction companies assess the solutions and develop their own business case with a greater degree of certainty. It also helps technology providers to improve their solutions and prove their value to a sometimes sceptical audience.


Demonstration projects come from a number of sources. Most arise spontaneously at community days by members getting together and deciding to try something out. Others arise because of a direct approach to COMIT by a construction company with a problem or a technology provider with a solution they want test out in the industry.


COMIT uses a number of forums to disseminate what it does, including attending or giving lectures and seminars. We believe it is essential to engage the next generation of construction engineers and technologists. We work with a number of universities to get the message out to today's students - and tomorrows enablers.


As part of our dissemination efforts COMIT holds its own annual Conference. This conference is open to all, not just to COMIT members and is used to communicate the current trends and developments within the industry.


COMIT also offers consultancy services, both to members at a discount and to the wider community. We have more than a decade of experience in deploying IT solutions in construction and have close links with highly qualified independent consultants.


Finally, we also promote what we do through articles in the press and the production of white papers and advisory publications.

Technology on trial at London Bridge

"We bring construction & technology together to learn from one another, to find or develop successful applications, to demonstrate those applications & then to communicate the benefits as widely as possible"

Students at Oxford Brookes University

Richard Lane of the BIM Taskgroup speaking at the COMIT conference 2013

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