Young Professionals Conference

POSTPONED UNTIL 23rd JULY under advice from PHE.

Inspiring a Green Generation

With a focus on sustainability and a greener future, this event will display the incredible achievements made by Young Professionals within STEM. From innovative processes to new technology, Young Professionals are at the forefront of the sustainability revolution. 

Supported by Chain, Young Rail Professionals, Nuclear Institute, Class of Your Own, Bentley Institute and the Major Projects Association.

Join us on the 26th of March, 2020, to hear their stories, learn from them, and become inspired.

Free event, but you have to be a Young Professional to attend!
Meet your Chairs for the day
Sutherland James

Lara Young

Group Carbon Manager

Telematics and Carbon reduction … are we not missing a trick?

We have more data than ever before yet we aren’t using it? WHY? Understanding the paradox of using data and driving behaviour change to tackle climate change impacts


Meghan McGuire

Environmental Consultant

Skanska Technology Ltd

How Graduates are changing the construction industry to be more digital, efficient and sustainable.

It is possible to make a significant difference on the environment at any stage of your career and in any role. These impacts can be small or they could actually be incredibly significant.

Based on her own experience and that of other graduates, Meghan shall explain how it is possible to make a real impact during the first few years of your career, whatever role you are in.

She shall delve into a range of examples, from upskilling her colleagues to introducing Artificial intelligence in data management, resulting in changing attitudes and resulting in positive environmental change. 


Robin Lapish

G4C National Co-Chair
Supply Chain Manager, HS2

Generation4Change view on technology shaping the industry.


G4C (Generation for Change) is the young professional voice of the UK built environment industry; a place where young professionals can ‘connect, challenge and help shape the future of our industry’. Here, Robin Lapish, National Co-Chair, discusses G4C’s view on how our industry needs to attract new talent with the mindset and knowledge to utilise technology  in order to disrupt and reshape our industry.


Jade Cohen

Chief Product Officer
Qualis Flow 

"From civils to software...why I left construction for a career in technology" 

Having spent a number of years trying to improve (and getting increasingly frustrated at) the various inefficiencies in data handling on site, I decided to start Qflow – a tool that automates data collection and supports sustainability performance improvement. This talk is about how and why I turned my frustration into innovation that is saving construction teams thousands, and helping hit those all important sustainability targets using data-driven decisions.


Liv Wilding

Composite Materials Engineer

A holistic approach to curbing vehicle emissions

Sakthy  .jpg

Sakthy Selvakumaran 

CEO & Co-Founder / Engineering Fellow - BKwai / University of Cambridge 

From underground to outer space - using sensors and satellites for a more resilient built environment

Roads, tunnels, bridges and other infrastructure form the backbone of our cities and built environment. With increasing challenges like climate change and ageing and deteriorating assets, our cities are increasingly at risk.  What if we could use images from satellites to predict when (and what) might be at risk? Satellites can provide us with millimetre-scale measurements that can be used to spot signs of problems. Combining these kinds of datasets with sensors and measurements on the ground provide new and exciting opportunities from construction through to maintenance of the built environment.

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