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COMIT 2024 Conference

About the Event

The 2024 COMIT Conference presented the latest projects, developments, and upcoming technologies that will contribute to productivity gains. The COMIT conferences provide educational networking opportunities enable industry members to demonstrate innovative practices using technology and process improvement.

As a global community of capital project professionals and stakeholders, COMIT projects gathers members and guests in conference at least once a year to discuss advancements in productivity, as well as new and emerging technologies. We had 2 days of networking and fabulous presentations, including:


  • Keynote by Ant Morse entitled "The Future of Us - Where Next?"

  • Advanced Work Packaging Track

  • Geospatial Track

  • Artificial Intelligence Track

  • Innovation Track

  • Drones Track

  • Digital Twins Track

  • Day 2 Keynote by Unity

  • COMMs (5G) Track

  • Digital Twin Technologies Track

  • Sustainability Track

  • Modern Methods of Construction Track

  • Safety and Wellbeing Track

  • COMIT Open Mic Track

Main Track - Day 1


Main Track - Day 1 - 22nd May 2024

COMIT Conference 2024 - Event Kick-off

8:15 am


COMIT's mission is to promote innovation within UK construction, operations and maintenance sectors by spreading best practice, promoting new developments and facilitating understanding between technology providers and construction companies.

COMIT supports and instigates demonstration projects, engaging like-minded organisations, and actively communicates benefits of innovative technologies developed with members through publications, meetings, conferences, and links with educational institutions.

COMIT Conference 2024 - RT3D Introduction

8:25 am


Introduction to Unity, the gracious hosts for the 2024 COMIT Conference, and the Real-Time 3D (RT3D) Live Demos that they presented at the conference.

Also an introduction to the Unity Centers of Excellence (CoE) team, and the partners that were available to talk with at the conference.

COMIT Conference 2024 - Expression of Interest

8:30 am


The COMIT 'Expression of Interest' is an open call for any COMIT members to present, support and engage directly with the community through the COMIT Events.

We would love to hear from any COMIT members who would like to get more involved with the COMIT Community!

COMIT Conference 2024 - Get Construction Talking

8:35 am



Construction shapes our world, but struggles with mental health more than any other industry.

Research has found that several factors can contribute to this, including long working hours, excessive travel, tough payment practices and a tendency for workers to put on a brave face and avoid recognising their struggles.

In an industry still largely represented by men, that culture has created a stigma around talking about mental health and its importance.

COMIT Conference 2024 - Day 1 Morning Track Selection

8:40 am


This session, driven by COMIT member engagement, shaped the conference tracks and locations.

Watch as we utilise technology to update the conference program of events live!

We love technology, and it was great to have the COMIT Community engage on this adventure!

Keynote - The Future of Us - Where Next?

8:45 am

Ant Morse [adventa]

With a career spanning nearly 30 years, Ant has been at the vanguard of innovation, leading a vast range of Enterprise and Public Sector digital and innovation transformation projects. His success in predicting trends, coupled with his expertise in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Spatial Computing and IoT, has earned him recognition as a sought-after thought leader.

This session focuses on:
How new and innovative technologies such as AI, Robotics, XR, 5G, IoT & Big Data will likely shape and transform our futures. Then reviewing how these new technologies coupled with changing attitudes, generational adoption and the increased cost of living will lead to wider societal and economic transformation ahead… Asking the question, ‘How do we stay relevant as both individuals & organisations… in the Future Of Us?’

COMIT Conference 2024 - COMIT Star Awards

3:00 pm


The COMIT Special Technical Achievement Recognition (STAR) Award recognizes the personal contributions of COMIT members who have given immensely, mostly of their own free time and energy, to support COMIT in achieving its aims and ambitions.

The STAR awards are presented this year to various members in recognition of their achievements and contributions to COMIT throughout the past 1- 3 years.

We are very pleased to announce that this year's awards are sponsored by EMS which provides connectivity to UK construction sites both rapid instant routers and long-term private networks.

Presented by Vanessa Dal Busco

Main Track - Day 2


Main Track - Day 2 - 23rd May 2024

COMIT Conference 2024 - Day 2 Kick-off

8:00 am


COMIT's mission is to promote innovation within UK construction, operations and maintenance sectors by spreading best practice, promoting new developments and facilitating understanding between technology providers and construction companies.

COMIT supports and instigates demonstration projects, engaging like-minded organisations, and actively communicates benefits of innovative technologies developed with members through publications, meetings, conferences, and links with educational institutions.

Keynote - Unity for Industrial Digital Twin Experiences

8:15 am

Jack Strongitharm [Unity]

Jack is the Senior Solutions Engineer for the Industry sector at Unity for the EMEA region. With a strong background in the industry, he brings valuable experience as a civil and site engineer to his current role. Prior to joining Unity, Jack held technical expertise positions at both Autodesk and Faro, where he honed his skills in cutting-edge technologies.
In his current capacity at Unity, Jack plays a pivotal role in advancing Building Information Modeling (BIM) models and projects. His primary objective is to transform BIM into an interactive experience for Digital Twins, leveraging the formidable capabilities of Unity. Through his work, Jack contributes to the evolution of AEC practices, pushing the boundaries of technology and design to create immersive and innovative solutions.

This session focuses on:
How Unity's transformative role in AEC and Manufacturing through compelling digital twin experiences. Showcasing real-world examples where 'Real-time 3D' technologies have driven innovation, enhancing efficiency, safety via many devices.
Join us to explore how Unity is redefining the industry with unparalleled visualisation and simulation capabilities.

COMIT Conference 2024 - Event Close

2:30 pm


The COMIT Exec would like to thank all involved with the 2024 conference, including:

Track Managers
Track Chairs
The Venue Staff
COMIT Community Members

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP)


Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) Track

AWP or not, it's just maths

9:30 am

Geoff Ryan [Insight-AWP] and Martin Swaine [Shell], Introduced by Jeff Quantrill [InEight]

A Texas-based Canadian from Australia, Geoff Ryan is a Project Management Professional who started to explore the business of construction productivity as a Pipefitter in 1992. After several mega projects in Alberta, working as a productivity specialist, Geoff started his own company in 2006, Insight-AWP, which has grown to a staff of 40 subject matter experts who have supported more than 100 mega projects around the world. Geoff authored two books on Advanced Work Packaging: ‘Schedule for Sale’ and ‘Even More Schedule for Sale’ that have now sold more than 20,000 copies around the world in 5 languages.
He is the proud parent of 6 children and grandfather to 5 grandchildren. Born in Melbourne, he now makes his home in Calgary Canada and Houston Texas

This session focuses on:
Geoff walks through the results from 65 case studies, of projects that used AWP over the last 10 years in a graph that compares how AWP compliant the project was against how much tool time the workers were getting.

AWP for all projects

10:30 am

Stuart Block [Flour]

Stuart is the Global AWP director for Fluor, directing projects to utilise AWP, WFP, and lean techniques on Major projects across multiple industries including Oil & Gas, Life Science, Utility and Infrastructure from Concept, Feed, detail design and construction phases of projects. He has over 30 years’ experience from welding, through draughting and 3D design, to project controls as a planning manager, before moving into project and construction management. The projects that Stuart has been involved in span from offshore platforms, Sizewell B nuclear power station, Offshore maintenance, refinery upgrades, new oil & gas processing plants, UK Highways, Life sciences, and Pharmaceutical projects around the world.

This session focuses on:
AWP isn't just for Oil & Gas project, AWP isn't only for Giga, mega or large project. AWP can be used in all aspects of life.
AWP is a lean technique, and can be tailored to all companies and projects.

Materials Management & AWP: Integrating Engineering to Procurement To Construction

11:00 am

Robert Hood [Intelliwave]

Robert Hood brings with him a growing 17 years' experience to the COMIT stage. At Intelliwave Technologies, he assumes the position of Enterprise Project and Account Manager, dedicating his daily efforts to championing clients' Construction and Supply Chain endeavors globally. Armed with an Engineering Degree from the University of Alberta, Robert holds distinguished accreditations including Professional Engineer (P.Eng) and Project Management Professional (PMP). Having worked on both sides of the aisle - Construction and Engineering, Robert is empathetic to the struggles of each party, and passionate about being part of the 'solution' - developing and delivering technology and process driven solutions with the overarching goal to alleviate the heartburn and frustration from the Construction ecosystem.”

This session focuses on:
The importance of an integrated, collaborative project software ecosystem as it relates to Engineering, Supply Chain and Construction.

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) Track - Panel Session

11:30 am

Jeff Quantrill, Martin Swaine, Geoff Ryan, Stuart Block, Robert Hood, Kenny Ingram

Panel Session including all the speakers from this track, answering questions posed live from the audience, directed by the track chairperson.

Geospatial Track


Geospatial Track - 22nd May 2024

Threading a Needle

9:30 am

Martin Turner [TRC Companies]

Martin has a background in Cartography and Earth Sciences and has been working in the geospatial industry for over 30 years.

Martin started out in Transport Planning working on London City Airport and The M6 Toll Road before moving into the Oil & Gas Industry working on major projects all around the globe across both Upstream and Downstream sectors becoming Global GIS Lead and receiving a Special Award in GIS from ESRI in 2010.

Martin is currently GIS Manager at Tideway the new London super sewer.

This session focuses on:
How Geospatial and GIS data is playing an ever more important role in major construction projects.
Taking a look into the role and challenges geospatial data and GIS have played at the Thames Tideway Project.

GPR and other NDT technology detecting hidden defects

10:30 am

Graham Kneller [Screening Eagle] and Warren Thomas [HTA]

Graham has over 30 years’ experience within the construction & engineering industry segment, working with major infrastructure delivery organisations and manufacturers.
Now collaborating with customers on their digital transformation journey, providing cloud-based NDT solutions for the built environment and helping asset owners to protect critical infrastructure and achieve real carbon reduction goals.

Warren is the Owner and Director of Henderson Thomas Associates ‘HTA’, and is involved with the investigation and testing of civil engineering assets including NDT and other innovative technologies.
Over the years building and promoting Henderson Thomas Associates 'HTA', it was vital to showcase competence as a company in respect to the seriousness nature of many of the projects, however it also became clear that it was of vital importance to showcase approachability.

This session focuses on:
Innovative technology transforming asset inspection and investigation aiding asset management and carbon reduction.

Aggregating and Transforming GIS Data

11:00 am

Robert Klaschka [EvrBilt]

Originally trained as a designer, Robert has been working in the geospatial sector since 2015 with a focus on measured survey for managing existing estates data. Combining his experience of working within design teams with a detailed knowledge of modern survey methods including high resolution photogrammetry, laser scanning and GIS, he approaches the challenges of our industry from micro to macro scales.
Robert strongly advocates that design, construction and operation professionals should consider GIS visualisation and analysis a part of their day to day tools.

This session focuses on:
Helping you navigate the world of free global, national and local sources of GIS data.
Providing some thought provoking examples of how GIS data can be transformed to support BIM projects and other immersive applications.

Geospatial Track - Panel Session

11:30 am

Martin Turner, Graham Kneller, Warren Thomas, and Robert Klaschka

Panel Session including all the speakers from this track, answering questions posed live from the audience, directed by the track chairperson.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Track


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Track - 22nd May 2024

Practical AI: From Everyday Tech to Construction Innovation

9:30 am

Richard Scott []

Inspired by the 1998 Egan Report, “Rethinking Construction,” Richard began digitally innovating within the AECO sector in 1999, focusing on mobile technology. In 2001, his business launched a first-to-market mobile application that transformed how data was captured, managed, and reported within live construction projects. In 2014 Viewpoint Construction acquired his business. Trimble later acquired Viewpoint, and the mobile product, now called Fieldview, remains a UK market leader. Richard is fascinated by the potential of digital twins and the value of adding sensory awareness within a BIM and Digital engineering framework. He now leads a startup called Modelizer, which aims to integrate artificial intelligence into the digitalization of legacy buildings. He believes digitalization isn't just an option; it's essential for creating safe, sustainable, compliant buildings.

This session focuses on:
AI is often seen as a universal solution or a global threat. In this presentation, we’ll explore how AI, from Computer Vision to Machine Learning and large language models, is already integrated into our daily lives and its potential to transform the AECO industry.

AI Computer Vision for Health, Safety, and Security

10:30 am

Andrew Quinton [BT]

Andrew is a technology principal inside BT’s Division X unit, focussing on bringing innovative to help drive its customers Digital transformation utilising emerging technologies from BTs portfolio. He has spent the past few years focussing on the benefits that AI, IoT, automation and advanced connectivity can bring to customers globally.
Andrew has over 25 years’ experience inside the technology industry, ranging from solution architecture through to senior leadership, strategy, and business transformation. He also supports future leaders as an Associate Lecturer with the University of Exeter, providing insights on emerging technologies and business digital transformation.

This session focuses on:
The BIG topic of Artificial Intelligence right now.
Exploring how AI based Computer Vision could support different industries approaches to their H&S, and security obligations, as well as providing business intelligence.

AI in Construction - Threat or Opportunity? Lessons From Other Industries

11:00 am

Andrew Lambert [Electronic Media Services]

Andrew Lambert CEng FIET MIoD, is the Founder and CEO of Electronic Media Services Ltd (EMS), and the Founder and COO of Fibre Ltd, and is Chair of the IoD International Trade Group. He is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the IET. Andrew is an experienced board-level executive with a proven record of developing new technology to solve business problems. EMS is a pioneering technology and telecoms company specializing in cloud-managed 5G SD-WAN and Edge AI Computing appliances. Its cutting-edge OptiBond® SD-WAN software and OptiEdge.AI™ platform enhance data connectivity and provide real-time insights for IoT, smart cities, and industrial applications, driving innovation in digital twins and intelligent transport systems. He has served various 5G working groups including techUK 5G Ecosystem, UK5G SME/LEP and UK5G International. He is currently a member of the Industry led Comit25G project.

This session focuses on:
The transformative potential of AI in construction. Drawing parallels from other sectors, the talk will delve into how AI can be a game-changer, enhancing efficiency and safety, while also addressing concerns about job displacement and implementation challenges.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Track - Panel Session

11:30 am

Richard Scott, Andrew Quinton, Andrew Lambert

Panel Session including all the speakers from this track, answering questions posed live from the audience, directed by the track chairperson.

Innovation Track


Innovation Track - 22nd May 2024

Constructing Futures: Blueprinting Innovation Capability in Uncertain Times

1:00 pm

Dr. Evy Sakellariou [Kingston University]

Dr. Evy Sakellariou is a Scholar, Mentor, Director, Founder, and Chair in the areas of Innovation, Strategy, and Generative Artificial Intelligence. She has board, executive committee, and commercial experience across different sectors in the UK and Europe. Her research has been published in World Elite (50 Top Financial Times) and leading academic journals. She is an Associate Professor (Reader) and PG Course Director at Kingston Business School, London; the Founder/Chair of the Think Tank ‘Women4AInnovation Futures’, Co-Editor of Special Issue Foresighting, Imagining, and Crafting Desirable Futures, and, Faculty of the Doctoral and Scientific Committees of the International Product Development and Management Conference, hosted by the European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management, in Brussels.

This session focuses on:
We live in volatile, unpredictable times with rapid technological changes. With 75% of organisations unprepared, innovation is more crucial than ever. This talk introduces five principles for blueprinting innovation capability, inviting us to rethink how we operate to both survive and thrive now and in the future.

Team decision-making on-site versus in a CAVE

1:30 pm

Alex Pogmore [Fulcro]

Alex is a PhD Researcher at the University of Birmingham, co-sponsored by Fulcro, specialising in the areas of immersive virtual environments, engineering psychology, BIM, and digital twins. Alex’s research focuses on comparing decision-making performance in real and simulated environments, with the aim of understanding whether engineering teams can perform tasks in a sensor-enabled BIM CAVE as effectively as being on-site. Alex has been working with Fulcro since his master’s dissertation project in 2021, where he developed a platform for real-time data visualisation in the FULmax CAVE using an IoT service and as-built BIM model. Alex has previously worked for both Atkins and Kier within the digital asset management space.

This session focuses on:
If teams can complete engineering tasks remotely in a digital twin-enabled CAVE as effectively as if they were really on-site
Understanding social and technological barriers to remote work in collaborative VR

Connecting information for successful project delivery

2:00 pm

Mo Shana'a []

Mo is the co-founder of Morta, a startup focused on increasing productivity in construction by moving teams from disconnected spreadsheets-based processes to connected information hubs. Organisations like the MoJ, Kier, Wates, Mott MacDonald and Mace use Morta for processes like deliverable planning & tracking, cost and handover tracking amongst many other use-cases. Prior to Morta Mo worked with the largest main contractor in the middle east (Consolidated Contractors Company) as an Associate to the Chief Information Officer where he set up led the company’s Innovation and R&D initiative. Mo contributes to the UK BIM Framework, and is actively involved in the ZERO and Building Smart groups. He has a MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge and is a Civil Engineer by background.

This session focuses on:
The role that connecting and managing information plays in ensuring successful project outcomes, using processes like Advanced Work Packaging and Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting, and many others.
Breaking the status quo, best-practices, and lessons learnt based on our work supporting 50+ leading asset owners, main contractors, multidisciplinary design firms and consultants.

Innovation Track - Panel Session

2:30 pm

Evy Sakellariou, Alex Pogmore, and Mo Shana'a

Panel Session including all the speakers from this track, answering questions posed live from the audience, directed by the track chairperson.

Drones Track


COMIT 2 Drones Track - 22nd May 2024

Aviation Detection Lighting System - UK Trial

1:00 pm

James Wylie [Scottish Power]

Currently the Senior Aviation Policy Analyst with ScottishPower Renewables. I deal with all the aviation safeguarding issues arising from wind turbines both on and offshore. I was an operational Air Traffic Controller and have also managed ATC operations at UK regional airports with responsibilities including Safety Management, safeguarding and airspace changes. In my current role I am working on a number of large-scale developments. Part of this work is running two Airspace Change Proposals, one to support a trial to introduce ADLS into the UK and the other to provide mitigation for a large offshore wind farm. This involves liaising with stakeholders and regulators to develop the safety cases and guidance for future installations.

This session focuses on:
ADLS is a simple and effective technology to reduce the visual impact of wind turbines while maintaining aviation safety. EC based ADLS systems in the UK will require a TMZ but this supports the aims of the AMS. The temporary TMZ gives the UAV community an opportunity to develop airspace integration solutions

Standards for National Highways' Aerial Data Capture

1:30 pm

James Locke [Arcadis] and Matthew Burns [National Highways]

James Locke is an Associate with Arcadis, working in the Intelligence - Digital Asset Management group. With a background in remote sensing, covering a broad range of data capture, processing, and handling techniques, he has expertise applying innovative technical solutions within the field of asset management. His current focus covers developing data policy, standards, and governance to effect asset management best-practice. James has worked in support of several major asset management organisations, both in the UK and abroad (including National Highways, Transport Scotland, York Region Local Authority (Canada) and Ford Land). Across all these organisations, he had has success in helping them capture, understand, and articulate their asset information needs.

Matt came to National Highways following 25 years in the Police. Having been an operational officer Matt spent time as a tactical flight officer on the force’s Air Support Unit. The spatial awareness gained from that viewpoint has helped to understand how drones could be useful in several applications within National Highways.
Having previously managed teams of asset inspectors Matt now works on trying to improve the operational effectiveness of the strategic road network, the response to incidents and swift return to normality.

This session focuses on:
The key DMRB standards that play a role in National Highways’ effective acquisition and use of drone-derived survey data; including a new upcoming standard for imagery and LiDAR data products.

Drone in a Box technology and remote operations for infrastructure

2:00 pm

Martin Swaine [Shell] and Patrick Rickerby [Skeye]

Martin is a member of Shell's Central Business Digital team focused on Digital construction connecting Shell's solution portfolio with Project and Asset challenges, goals and strategic initiatives.
Martin has 40 years experience in project delivery specialising in design to construction systems with the last 11 years focused on the digital transformation of the industrial construction sector.

Patrick is an experienced GIS analyst and UAS specialist with over 18 years’ of experience in the Geospatial and Remote Sensing industry. In his current role as Technical Director for Skeye he is responsible for UK Surveying and Inspection tasks and brings experience and expertise.
Patrick is a central part of the management team involved in developing and implementing strategies to push the business to grow in key sectors. Patrick is also an experienced UAS pilot with the basis of his training originating from his time with the Royal Artillery.

This session focuses on:
A brief introduction and overview of Drone in a box operations.
The challenges, complexities and benefits the technology can bring based on operational experience with a number of different systems and software.

Drones Track - Panel Session

2:30 pm

James Wylie, James Locke, Martin Swaine, Patrick Rickerby, Amanda Smith, Craig Roberts, Matthew Burns

Panel Session including all the speakers from this track, answering questions posed live from the audience, directed by the track chairperson.

Digtial Twin Track


Digital Twins Track - 22nd May 2024

Improving the way we finance our projects through Digital Twin methods

1:00 pm

Peter Jarman [Estates and Infrastructure Exchange]

Peter is an accomplished construction professional who has led practical innovation in major projects at the coal face!
Recently Peter has been involved in changing the way projects can be better financed through digital means with the creation of the Estates and Infrastructure Exchange.
If there is a wicked problem that needs solving in the industry, Peter is excited and more than up for it!

This session focuses on:
How we can improve the way we finance projects, reduce risk and costs at the front end, whilst monitoring them throughout the asset lifecycle.
Driving higher profit margins and lower risks for every part of the supply chain.

Digitalising requirements to better manage information and risks

1:30 pm

Ivan McTaggart [EastWest Rail]

Ivan is Head of Engineering (Systems & Digital) at East West Rail having previously held roles in MBDA Missile Systems, the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory, Atomic Weapons Establishment, and the highly regarded high-tech scale-up Animal Dynamics. Ivan has extensive experience in successfully integrating people, processes and technology to meet complex challenges across a range of industries focussing on the development and implementation of Engineering Capability, Systems Engineering, Digital & Model-based Engineering and Lifecycle Management within both large multinationals and SMEs. Ivan is a Chartered Engineer, a Past President of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) UK and former member of the Engineering Council Quality Assurance Committee.

This session focuses on:
Information requirements as an element of the digital model
Enhancing decision-making using requirements traceability within the digital model

DT Adoption in an FM & building maintenance space

2:00 pm

Matt Cunliffe [Sitedesk]

Since 2020 Matthew has been running Sitedesk which provides a way of hosting digital captures of estate and associated data. Matthew continues to support a BIM outsourcing company which he began in 2008 with a focus on MEP deliverables for estates ranging from Healthcare to Residential apartments.
Additional to this he has been an active Army Reserve within the Royal Engineers where his current role involves leading Information Management and Digital Innovation for his unit.

This session focuses on:
Estate Owner Digital Twin journey experiences providing insights into adoption barriers
Engagements with critical but low cost estate managers, such as Trusts and Housing Associations, rather then high tech estates with juicy OpEx budgets

Digital Twins Track - Panel Session

2:30 pm

Peter Jarman, Ivan McTaggart, and Matt Cunliffe

Panel Session including all the speakers from this track, answering questions posed live from the audience, directed by the track chairperson.

COMMs (5G) Track


COMMs (5G) Track - 23rd May 2024

The Connected Site: The Construction Challenge

9:00 am

Steve Slater [Wates]

Steve has been involved with COMIT since 2005 and has held the position as Chair for the Construction members since 2016.
Steve has over 20 years of experience in managing and providing IT services in the construction industry and he is currently the IT Site Services Manager for Wates Group, one of the leading privately-owned, construction, development and property services companies in the UK, he is responsible for ensuring project sites and offices have the right connectivity and IT services. Steve is also leading the COMIT 2 5G project that is looking to transform connectivity to and across a project site.

This session focuses on:
Why IT connectivity to and across a construction project is so important to enable the use of the latest technology to improve quality, productivity and reduce costs.
There will be an interactive session to capture the audience view on this topic and will be discussing the importance of the value case to overcome barriers to adoption.

The Connected Site: The Solution Provider Challenge

10:00 am

Chris Johnsoton [Willmott Dixon]

Chris has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, starting from an Architectural background. He led digital construction teams for over ten years before becoming an Enterprise Architect to focus on a strategic digital transformation at Willmott Dixon. Willmott Dixon is a privately-owned contracting and interior fit-out group. It was established in 1852 and is committed to leaving a positive legacy in our communities and environment.
We are driven by our purpose: to deliver excellent buildings that improve lives and strengthen the communities while protecting our environment so the world is fit for future generations.

This session focuses on:
How solving connectivity problems is a basic requirement for boosting productivity and quality on our sites.
Building the case for change.

The Connected Site: The Solution Provider Challenge

10:30 am

Tommy Williams [Plinx]

Tommy Williams, a seasoned problem solver, began his career as a Design Engineer, delving into cutting-edge technologies across consumer and industrial sectors. Embracing the digital revolution, he seamlessly integrated these advancements into his problem-solving and product development ventures. An avid surfer with a growing family, Tommy faced the challenge of ensuring his family could locate him during outdoor activities in remote and hazardous areas with limited connectivity. This led to the inception of Plinx, harnessing 5G connectivity to enhance the safety of construction workers in high-risk environments. Tommy's approach centres on listening to and collaborating with construction companies to deeply understand their practical challenges, enabling Plinx to offer practical solutions. He also advocates for knowledge sharing, recognising the value of diverse perspectives in achieving optimal outcomes.

This session focuses on:
The perspective of 'solution providers,' challenging the notion of relegating performance-enhancing technologies to the 'too difficult' category.
We will delve into strategies for overcoming these barriers and unlocking their potential.

COMMs (5G) Track - Panel Session

11:00 am

Steve Slater, Chris Johnsoton, and Tommy Williams

Panel Session including all the speakers from this track, answering questions posed live from the audience, directed by the track chairperson.

Digital Twin Technologies Track


Digital Twin Technologies Track - 23rd May 2024

Modular Bridges: Into a Digital Future

9:00 am

Philip Robinson [Laing O'Rourke]

Philip is an engineering leader within Laing O’Rourke’s Technology & Innovation team, working closely with clients, technology partners, centres of education, and Laing O’Rourke’s own internal supply chain. His focus is on the development of offsite manufactured product sets for the construction industry, and the development of digital design automation tools. Over the last 10 years, he has worked on several linear infrastructure projects including East West Rail, HS2, and M25 Junction 10 improvements, developing offsite manufactured solutions for bridges, and a new digital design automation tool enabling bridge designs to be generated in a matter of hours. Philip worked as a Civil & Structural Engineer, working on the repair and refurbishment of historically significant buildings such as St Pauls Cathedral and the Palace of Westminster.

This session focuses on:
Over the last decade Laing O’Rourke has been developing innovative techniques to advance bridge construction. This presentation will delve into the development of an offsite manufactured kit of parts for bridges, and how the development of a digital configuration tool is changing how we think about design.

Managing infrastructure complexity with Digital Twins

10:00 am

George Floros [Skanska]

George is delivering the Digital Transformation of the Construction industry by leveraging the power of Geospatial Digital Twins. Focusing on holistic integrations with a customer-centric approach, George delivers economic, environmental and social value for all project stakeholders, whilst reducing risk through cross-disciplinary, connected, data-driven solutions. As the Head of GIS for Skanska UK-Infrastructure, George is leading Skanska’s GIS team as well as the design and implementation of digital services in Construction across a multi-billion project portfolio.

This session focuses on:
Implementation of Digital Twins to manage complexity of large infrastructure projects
Deployment of data-driven digital solutions focusing on construction management
Importance of trusted data, information management, and a digital by default mindset

Using Digital Twin for automated progress checking, design and as-built comparison

10:30 am

Luke Holbrook [Enable My Team]

Luke, a dedicated and ambitious civil engineer, graduated with a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Bristol. With over a decade of experience, Luke has contributed significantly to notable infrastructure projects in the United Kingdom, including the London Olympics, Crossrail, and High Speed 2. His primary expertise lies in product development, innovation, Building Information Modelling (BIM), and Digital Engineering. As Chief Operating Officer at Enable My Team, Luke effectively coordinates the provision of cutting-edge services to the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Maintenance industries. His specialization lies in asset lifecycle management and automation.

This session focuses on:
How Digital Twins can be used to automatically and frequently compare as-built point cloud scans with 3D BIM designs, throughout construction to handover.
Empowering all project stakeholders to access, collaborate and utilise this data effectively, providing more meaningful insights.

Digital Twin Technologies Track - Panel Session

11:00 am

Philip Robinson, George Floros, and Luke Holbrook

Panel Session including all the speakers from this track, answering questions posed live from the audience, directed by the track chairperson.

Sustainability Track


Sustainability Track - 23rd May 2024

The Importance of Data and Tech in Biodiversity Net Gain Projects

9:00 am

Dr Katie Dawson [EcoSpatial Solutions]

Dr Katie Dawson is a co-founder and Technical Director at EcoSpatial Solutions, responsible for all GIS project delivery and technical strategy. She is a chartered GIS professional that has 10 years' experience implementing enterprise solutions across sectors. Katie specialises in geospatial data management, analysis, and visualisation for environment and sustainability projects, particularly Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG). She has worked on various development projects involving BNG and has identified various processes and management practices that improve data accuracy, that ultimately support better decision making that reduces our environmental impact.

This session focuses on:
The Biodiversity Net Gain regulations that launched in February 2024, and
How data management and technology can be harnessed to support developers

Eliminating Small Power Waste In Commercial Buildings

10:00 am

Dr Josh Eadie []

Josh, an accomplished robotic engineer with a doctorate in machine learning, founded "," a startup dedicated to automatically eliminating wasted energy in commercial buildings through their small power infrastructure. This venture reflects his commitment to harnessing the power of robotics and machine learning for real-world impact. With a fervent passion for integrating these fields, Josh is dedicated to crafting innovative solutions that bridge the gap between theory and reality. His focus on tangible, value-driven products underscores his commitment to delivering measurable results. Collaborate with Josh to explore the boundless opportunities at the intersection of robotics, machine learning, and innovation.

This session focuses on:
Demonstrating the magnitude of the problem of wasted small power in commercial buildings and site accommodation.
Perfect for those seeking innovative cost and carbon reduction methodologies for their construction project or building retrofits.

Enhancing sustainability with MachineMax: Use cases and data-driven insights

10:30 am

Amy Law [MachineMax]

Amy has worked with many of the major equipment owners, dealers, OEM's, contractors, tech providers and hirers such as Cat, JCB, Flannery, AGMT for the last 15 years, so she has an intimate understanding of market needs, unique propositions and challenges. Supporting businesses to define their go-to market strategy and with an in-depth understanding of the implications of sustainability, safety and innovation, Amy joined MachineMax in 2022 from one of the technology specialists largest customers. Her role as Head of Marketing & Sales, provides great opportunities for Amy to spend valuable time with customers from a variety of verticals, understanding how the application of technology can impact businesses and share best practices.

This session focuses on:
How MachineMax has significantly enhanced efficiency in the construction industry
Our partnership with Costain on highways projects, achieving over 35% reduction in idling
Breaking down data silos to enhance supply chain collaboration and increase sustainability

Sustainability Track - Panel Session

11:00 am

Dr Katie Dawson, Dr Josh Eadie, and Amy Law

Panel Session including all the speakers from this track, answering questions posed live from the audience, directed by the track chairperson.

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) Track


Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) Track - 23rd May 2024

The Necessity to Digitise the Construction Industry

0:30 pm

Mark Mukiri-Smith [Hexagon]

Mark is on a mission to help companies adopt Modern Methods of Construction to help the world be more sustainable, increase quality control, reduce risk and reduce costs along the way. The building construction sector is still rarely perceived as innovative regarding materials in use, digitising and automating construction methods and processes.
By enabling Data-Driven Transformation Across Industry Ecosystems we can harness huge productivity advantages throughout a building’s whole lifecycle.

This session focuses on:
Adopting digital workflows and examples of new technologies. Traditional vs modern methods and how MMC, small or large, can be implemented right now on your projects.
You'll benefit by becoming more efficient, productive, and sustainable.

Optimising Value Through MMC

1:00 pm

Jamie Slatter [Laing O'Rourke]

Jamie is currently the Operations Lead at Laing O'Rourke's Centre of Excellence for Modern Construction and has over 20 years experience at various Leadership levels within MMC.
Over the past 20 years, Jamie has been involved in Projects ranging from large scale Civil Infrastructure to Sports Stadiums and numerous Architectural Facade packages.
Jamie holds a passion for what our Industry can deliver and takes great pride in the legacy we leave behind.

This session focuses on:
An introduction to Laing O’Rourke’s Centre of Excellence for Modern Construction and how to adopt a successful approach to MMC / DfMA – specifically, when to engage, how to develop Design with Manufacture and Assembly at its core, and where the huge Project efficiencies can be realised.

The Bright Future of MMC

1:30 pm

Kenny Ingram [IFS]

Kenny Ingram is VP – Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure for IFS, and has been with the company for over 25 years. He is an expert in the IFS business software solution specialising in asset & project based industries and works to educate customers and IFS staff about how to facilitate best practice business models.
Prior to joining IFS, Kenny worked in industry and as a consultant and project manager implementing business systems in many asset intensive industries.

This session focuses on:
What Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) are.
Why the MMC trend is accelerating.
How having a digital strategy, supported by modern business systems, is essential to support this business transformation.

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) - Panel Session

2:00 pm

Mark Mukiri-Smith, Jamie Slatter, Kenny Ingram

Panel Session including all the speakers from this track, answering questions posed live from the audience, directed by the track chairperson.

Safety & Wellbeing Track


Safety & Wellbeing Track - 23rd May 2024

Health Wealth and Happiness

0:30 pm

Nathan Baker [Institute of Occupational Medicine]

Nathan leads the IOM - Institute of Occupational Medicine - an occupational health protection research charity.
Focused on protecting and improving health in the workplace and wider environment, the team at IOM provides independent, impartial insight and guidance to help organisations create healthy environments.

This session focuses on:
An exploration and action plan to link productivity, worker health and innovation
Challenging the status quo in construction, through the lens of health, to encourage new thinking and demonstrate the value of technology to help humans be humans

Wellbeing: A Contractors View

1:00 pm

Mark Bridges [Galliford Try]

Mark is the Head of Health, Safety, Environmental and Wellbeing at Galliford Try Infrastructure. Mark has worked extensively in the Highways sector for over 25 years, starting out as a Highways Maintenance operative where he experienced first-hand the dangers and demands this industry places on its workforce.
Mark is an esteemed strategic thinker that is never satisfied with the status quo and is constantly seeking continuous improvement. A great believer in collaboration, Mark has helped improve industry standards through his leading involvement in industry forums such as the Highways Safety Hub.

This session focuses on:
The importance of improving safety and wellbeing (mental and physical) from a contractors perspective and why it’s good for business.
Why it’s important to tailor your wellbeing program to individuals and not focus on reactive solutions.

Health, Wealth & Happiness. The role of innovation

1:30 pm

Mathew Norbury [FCLABS]

Mathew’s early career in experiential marketing taught him the truth of Maya Angelou's words, "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” That still underpins everything Mathew does today. After 10 years running his own agency, and working with clients around the world, Mathew felt an urge to explore new challenges. Mentoring and consultancy work led him into the tech start-up world, helping early stage businesses to develop new products, tell their stories and find customers. A serendipitous chat over a cup of tea prompted the idea that became FCLabs, the wearable neurotech business Mathew founded during the pandemic. Our first product helps individuals, teams and businesses to measure and manage brain fitness for the first time.

This session focuses on:
Dive into the game-changing world of prioritising wellbeing in construction!
How investing in safety, health, and employee wellness is a strategic move that tackles industry challenges like productivity and the skills shortage, building long-term success

Safety & Wellbeing Track - Panel Session

2:00 pm

Nathan Baker, Mathew Norbury, and Mark Bridges

Panel Session including all the speakers from this track, answering questions posed live from the audience, directed by the track chairperson.

COMIT Open Mic Track


COMIT Open Mic Track - 23rd May 2024

Digital alone is not too smart.

0:30 pm

Jaroslaw Szczepanek [Fluor]

Jaroslaw Szczepanek is a Fluor Fellow in BIM Design & Digital Twin, Subject Matter Expert, Structural Discipline Application Specialist, and Innovation Catalyst. Mr. Szczepanek has over 25 years of experience in Energy and Urban Solutions Advanced Technologies & Life Sciences. He is focused on BIM and Plant software, Data-Centric Execution, Digital Twin, AI, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Lean construction. He is a member of The National Institute of Building Science (NIBS). Mr. Szczepanek is an Ambassador of Fluor Professional Publications and Presentations Program (P4). He was named P4 Author of the Year 2020 and P4 Rookie Author of the Year 2018.

This session focuses on:
Digital smartification in socio-technical environment, focused on Digital Twin - the child of the future, raised by Cyber Security and Sustainability, and powered by AI. Data management is there as well as time for tea and coffee. Let’s brew the data and take the essence!

Navigating the Realms of AI: Acknowledging and Addressing Limitations

1:00 pm

Robert Sugar [Urban Hawk]

Robert is a trained Physicist and veteran of the data and creative industries. He is a simulation expert, spatial-data & intelligence researcher: smart cities, security, insurance, transport and maritime. Entrepreneur, technology architect, futurist.
Urban Hawk is Robert’s latest spin off from the foundations of the past. Fusing the variety of my team’s and my own collective scientific and commercial skills to a specific focus on spatial situational awareness and its real-time applications. From zero to post revenue, studio with private and public sector clients in Rail, Maritime, Insurance and Smart Cities across Europe, already recognised in the industry in 18 months.

This session focuses on:
While Generative AI holds immense potential, overestimating its capabilities can lead to unreliable applications. Despite their humanlike output, AI models shouldn't be credited with broader human capabilities. Understanding their workings and limitations is crucial for making informed decisions about their use in organisations, and avoid their shortcomings.

Organisational implementation of Digital Technologies: Digitisation & Digitalisation

1:30 pm

Dr Ben Jowett [Wates]

Dr Ben Jowett is Head of Digital Construction & Engineering at SES Engineering Services as part of Wates Group. His role focuses on development of the national digital construction and engineering strategy whilst ensuring operational delivery is supported across Wates Group nationally. A key focus recently has been in the introduction of a Wates Group standard Common Data Environment and Field Tool to enable standardised digital delivery and data driven performance analytics and reporting. Alongside his work, Ben recently successfully completed a PhD studying the implementation of Mobile BIM Technologies at an organisational and project level to support Lean Construction approaches. This work focused on the removal waste whilst adding to the value stream for both project and organisational processes.

This session focuses on:
This session focuses on the organisational implementation of digital technologies with focus on change management and the diffusion of innovation. How these aspects link to business outcomes is also explored.

COMIT Open Mic Track - Panel Session

2:00 pm

Jaroslaw Szczepanek, Robert Sugar, and Dr Ben Jowett

Panel Session including all the speakers from this track, answering questions posed live from the audience, directed by the track chairperson.

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