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Taking us past the hype of Digital Twins, advising, helping, sharing, and delivering the value proposition behind Digital Twins, Shadows and Models and how they could connect into a National Digital Twin

Project Overview

This community will help those that procure, deliver, and maintain digital models, shadows and twins to get value from their endeavours. Sharing new practice, latest thinking and providing a safe environment to share ideas. It’s about Plain Language and Value, not technical gobbledegook!


Article looking at a high value, low hanging fruit when dealing with the vast amount of information required to build a Digital Model, Shadow or Twin. The function information requirement (FIR), based around systems is a progressive option.


A short article on information security classification, using carver analysis giving us trust, value and the win!

Article with a different approach to project information requirements - outcomes, metrics and value.

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Models, Shadows, Twins, oh my!

What are they and what do they do?

Project Team

This is a new community that will work closely with the National Digital Twin programme to guide owners, operators, consultants, contractors and specialists towards delivering a better value proposition in digital.

Project Results

The founders have been working with the Department for Business and Trade to deliver the Isle of Wight demonstrator for the National Digital Twin and has already published several papers on information requirements, resilience planning and the 7 questions of digital delivery.

Writing information requirements by IADD4UK

The 7 Questions of Digital Strategy

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